Senior Management Team

Brad Lindsay

Managing Director (Founder)

Brad has spent the last 11 years building and running Supply Chain Solutions to be the best Supply Chain Management Company in the world! It has involved surrounding himself with amazing, intelligent and committed staff, while building exciting and incredible systems for our customers. With this, and our technology and training, our customers have grown with us and we are proud to have been a material element of their success.

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Philip Walsh


Philip has spent the last few years managing the Supply Chain Solutions operation, including two facilities and over 100 staff. Prior to this he spent 5 years learning the Supply Chain Solutions business from ‘the ground up’. Before joining the Supply Chain Solutions family, Philip held Demand Planning roles with Maxxium NZ (Jim Beam) and John Freida / KaoBrands (in London) as well as a consultancy role for Middlebank Consultancy Group.

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Peter Furlong

General Manager Supply Chain International (SCS' Global Forwarding Division)

Peter moved to Supply Chain Solutions from a 30 year career in International Freight Forwarding. Peter initially ran SCS's 3PL division between 2014 to 2016 then was responsible for launching SCI and now works with a growing number of SCS customers supporting a full service solution delivering fantastic service with his amazing team which as of August 2018 has expanded now to 4 FTE.

Customers are loving the personal service and highly efficient service the SCI team are delivering and have been delighted to learn that our pricing is competitive to the much larger players.

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+64 9 256 1282 ext. 236
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Kim Manning

Client Relationship Manager

Kim has been involved in Supply Chain Solutions from the early years and now, many years on, she is proud to have been involved in many key achievements which have helped make SCS the success it is today. With her knowledge and experience of all the 3PL and 4PL operational procedures Kim has been able to build a phenomenally successful customer service department that is genuinely committed to ensuring client satisfaction.

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Mike Appleton

Compliance, Implementation & Special Projects

After completing a BCom with Majors in Operations/Supply Chain Management and Management, Mike entered the world of logistics covering different aspects within operations. He then spent 3 years in a Project Management/Solution Design role and was most recently the Operations Manager for a large 3PL apparel operation.

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Michelle Lindsay

Accounts Manager (Founder)

Michelle manages collections, payables and management accounts for Supply Chain Solutions as well parcelWings and Supply Chain Fusion (a NZ registered entity that is used by overseas based companies to manage everything from GST, AR and AP).

Prior to this Michelle was a founding member and shareholder of Tristar International, a successful NZ based international freight forwarding company for 8 years. Before this Michelle worked at Fliways having joined soon after leaving school.

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Daniel Shaw

Senior Solutions Architect

Daniel caught the IT bug over 25 years ago and has been obsessed with technology ever since. He started his formal training with certificates in Business Computing, a Bachelor of Computing Systems, then 12 additional papers in Information Technology. With Supply Chain Solutions, Daniel has designed and implemented thousands of integrations between legacy, proprietary, mainstream and mobile systems.

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Customer Services Teams

3PL – East/Airpark

Janette, Tevita, Melinda & Shaheen

While most of our team is new to CS, we have worked for SCS for while. Most of our team members have a back ground in Operations, we bring this knowledge with us to CS. With the help of the company’s systems we are here to help and support each other and all our clients.

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3PL – South

Brooke, Sara-Ann, Jenny & Neva

We are a collaborative team of 4 ladies who aim to make life easier for our customers and provide full guidance on any query. Currently we are managing a total of 40 clients, some from 10 years ago and some as new as this year. We are a strong determined team who thoroughly enjoying working with each other and our clients. Working with a generic emailing system were we can jump in and help each other out. Our Customer service team is great, we love our customers and feel that our customers love us.

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3PL – North

Jacqui, Adelaide, Manawa & Dawn

Customer service is one of the cornerstones of 3PL’s order management process and this amazing 3PL team rises to the daily challenges and strives to provide exceptional service to their clients at all times. This hard working group of individuals blend their key strengths together with their logistic experience to create a dedicated team that support each other and their customers with a focused goal of ensuring complete client satisfaction.

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3PL – West

Andrea, Stacie, Amber, Megan & Heather

Westney Customer Service Team is made up of 5 ladies with over 30 years of Customer Service Experience from various backgrounds. As a team we are highly motivated, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. For us the key is working together as a dedicated team so our customers receive a prompt and timely response to enquires. Our aim is to deliver a world class service to our customers in a friendly and professional manner.

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4PL Team

Alli, Mavis, Sara, Sally & Simon

The 4PL team at Supply Chain Solutions are at the cutting edge of the supply chain industry, offering a unique value added service and taking pride in partnering and assisting their clients grow. Not only can they manage your 3PL requirements, they also offer superior levels of customer service (on your behalf), debtor management, ERP/accounting system management, demand planning and bespoke management reporting. If you’re looking to grow your business or break into the New Zealand market this is the team you want at your side. With clients based in NZ, Australia, Singapore and the UK, no client is too small nor too big for this talented and experienced team.

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Kataraina, Lania & Jessica

We are a team of 3 hardworking mothers and consider customer services as both challenging and rewarding. Our aim is to deliver a personalised experience for each of our clients as they are an extension of SCS. SCS has a great family culture and we not only pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, we regularly engage with our customers to build stronger relationships.

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Other Key Staff Members


Chief Watch Dog

Jasper has been with Supply Chain Solutions for over 7 years. He takes pride in attending all meetings on time and makes sure to get a formal pat from all attendees. While quite and reserved from his spot by the boardroom window, Jasper has become our number one sales 'person'.

When he's not busy converting sales, Jasper like to keep an eye on the local postie and chase motorbikes down the corridor.