We’ve seen better days!

Yikes – Not our finest hour, and likely to get worse before it gets better.  Hey there, I’m usually the bearer of good news (and check out my next post, it’s epic) but this is quite sobering. I’ve never communicated anything like in the 20 years since I founded SCS.  SCS NZ, overall, is performing […]

Integrity: A lesson in management, paying it forward and simply being humbled.

A while ago, I received a call from an old staff member, he was a Junior Warehouse Operations Leader that I had inherited when taking over a large logistical site in New Zealand in 2008. He started the call by saying “remember me” which I did, he was the most disruptive, annoying, and troubled employee […]

Europe, How does it stack up as an Ecommerce market.

It is no surprise that the most popular online purchases across the EU are clothes. 64% of internet purchases across the EU is clothing, including sports gear, footwear and accessories. This rates as the number one purchase across all age groups. Funnily enough, the next biggest category was fast food deliveries, I wonder if there […]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mToHUKRsxhg Studying about health and wellness has brought up many issues regarding my own life and ability to be able to put into practice what I learn. Most of the knowledge is simple and fairly straight forward and one would think that once one knows the knowledge the next step would just to be to […]

The EXCUSE mind!

While studying about Growth and Wellness I came to the conclusion that the Excuse part of my mind is a great tool but also can be a hindrance to my personal growth in life. There is a feeling that we all get that is called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and this feeling makes us all feel very […]

Continuous Improvement at SCS

Whilst 2020 to date has been a challenging year for the Globe, we here at SCS continue with our Continuous Improvement (CI) Journey as SCS drive lean / six sigma methodologies. A quick update on what we have been doing in this space. Just a refresher for all…Lean Management seeks to reduce waste and thereby […]

The Benefits of a Morning Routine

A majority of successful people practice a morning routine that gets them ready to meet all the challenges that occur in our lives on a daily basis. I read this along time ago but did nothing about it myself. As we often do I just retained the knowledge in my head and used it as […]

General Update from Brad

Hey there, gosh it’s been a while since I’ve written an update, so much going on…ok, this is going to be a big brain dump, here goes! COVID COVID has been interesting, the team have been doing a super job, with the last lockdown the SLT were all on-line at 9pm on Tuesday the night […]


Here at Supply Chain Solutions we run a Wellness Program for our staff and this article highlights some of the content we share with them. Our Microbiome consists of all the microbes that live in and on us which includes all bacteria both good and bad. Within each of our stomachs we have the ability […]