So you want to save on your supply chain costs?

Fair enough too, but before you ask, "how much would it cost for you to supply chain manage my business?", you need to know that price modelling in the supply chain industry, is very complex.
There are many variables involved (see below) and when you're out there shopping around for the best provider, you need to be comparing apples with apples.


Unique Storage

Our full pallets are bigger than industry standards. Our unique storage model allows for us to go 8 pallets high. This enables Supply Chain Solutions to give extremely competitive pricing when it comes to warehouse storage.


Part People

You pay in 'part people' which is a huge benefit for your business - costs flow with income. This gives you no down time, as you only pay for the work carried out on your account. So if it’s picking orders, or answering phones, you don’t have a fixed overhead.


Freight Charges

Our sophisticated Freight Management System ensures that your consignment is sent in the most cost effective way. In one example, comparing two identical freight tariffs, from two different providers on an annual freight spend of $300K, the Freight Management System produced savings of $60K.Real time track and trace enables you, or your customers to track your consignment from leaving our warehouse to its destination.

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So choose Supply Chain Solutions as your business partner and you’ll enjoy a reduced total cost of ownership on the operational side of your business - guaranteed. This means more money in the bank and you’ll benefit from competitive advantages through our technology and specialist focus, which means more sales opportunities and future proofing of your business. 

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What one of our customers has to say ...

"Having worked with Supply Chain Solutions, we would never consider going back and facing all the hard and hidden costs of running a DC. Supply Chain Solutions for us has been cost effective and helped our business prosper.”

Jacob Faull ~ Nature Baby

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