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At Supply Chain Solutions our deliverables are at the highest level in our industry. How can we consistently offer that level of service? Well we've spent years perfecting what we do, so our customers get the best service, best stock control, best freight provider ... the best of everything! And that's why our customers stay with us.


Customer Service

At Supply Chain Solutions we believe that what we offer is an extension of your business and are aware that what we do is a reflection of your business. So when you come on board with us, you will receive a dedicated Account Manager who will keep you 'in the loop' at all times and 'have your back' with any requirements, or issues. So if you need to speak to your Account Manager, you can call them direct without having to go through an automated phone system. If you need an order delivered urgently, your Account Manager will make it happen for you.

Our Customer Services team is built on Integrity ... we'll do it because we said we would  and we'll want you to keep us accountable to that! See KPI Reporting below.

KPI Reporting

The BIG IDEA in outsourcing the non core-competency areas of your business, is that you can swap all the headaches and cost associated with process management and wrap it all under a Service Level Agreement and measure our performance against a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) schedule.

Our KPI system (KPIEngine©) was designed and built in-house. The KPIEngine© is extremely powerful and makes everything visible to you, the client, in real time.


You can log in and register an issue and expect an acknowledgement within 15 minutes and a time commitment as to when you will get answers. If the dedicated staff member does not reply within the specified timeframe, then the issue is immediately escalated, by the system, to a Manager and keeps going through the chain of command right up to the CEO, ensuring the job is closed and you are happy.

Reporting on our performance is in your hands! Anytime, over any period, you can pull reports to measure metrics against KPI’s that are important to you. You can even drill down into each issue and see what we see - the thread of the investigation, including the e-mail correspondence and outcomes - all visible to you in real time.


At Supply Chain Solutions we want the work we do for you to be completely accessible, visible and transparent, at all times. So we developed the Supply Chain Portal -  a real time application that allows you to manage your entire supply chain. This means you can place orders, track orders, view inventory transaction reports etc ... anytime, anywhere.


The best thing about this unique application is you can see the details - how many minutes it took to process an order, the tracking number and courier company of an order and as well as see which items were packed in which cartons. Information and detail that is important to delivering promises and achieving a successful business. And it's free for all our customers!

What more could you ask for? A superb Customer Service Team that goes the extra mile to deliver on your promises, the opportunity to keep us accountable and a system that lets you know where your business is at, at all times. This is why we have the highest customer retention rate in our industry!

So for service guaranteed call us NOW on 09 256 1232 and get the best results for your business!


What one of our customers has to say ...

"Supply Chain Solutions have moved thousands of bikes for us over the past few years and I believe the service they offer is first class. Supply Chain Solutions is probably out by one bike per 5,000 they handle for us (at a guess). We have complete faith in Supply Chain Solutions. Their service is excellent and very accurate!"

Allister Worrall, General Manager ~ WH Worrall (GT Bikes)

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