Is Europe a scary market for you?


Before Brexit, the UK was seen as a safe launching pad for expansion into Europe. A sensible approach, especially for English speaking countries like New Zealand.

With a relatively similar culture, many offshore companies would forego the higher costs in warehousing and transportation for the simplicity of borderless connections into Europe.

Since the UK implemented Brexit, it turned the old fashion model of a steppingstone into Europe on its head. With delivery delays, higher export costs and greater complexity around customs declarations, and so much conflicting governmental information, offshore companies are missing out on the benefits of warehousing stock in the EU.

To help our clients to capitalise on this shift in models, SCS Global opened the seventh tier-one world-class global ecommerce facility in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Regarded as the logistics gateway to Europe, the Dutch and EU authorities have simplified offshore distance sellers’ compliance and registrations, making it simple to set up and sell to over 524 million consumers.

Download the Kickstarter guide to selling in Europe now and contact our friendly team to understand how you can conquer Europe while delivering into the UK quickly and cheaper with no import duties.


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