Staff Profiles

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Operantion Manager "My Biggest achievement while working with SCS is my personal career progress. I started as Casual staff member and with the support of my seniors and team I have moved my way to Operations Manager."


Commercial Manager ”I studied Psychology at University but once I finished I straight away went into logistics and have worked in a range of industries and countries, from Bathroomware in Chch, to high end boutique fashion in London, from paper furniture in Vancouver, to kids clothing back here in Auckland “


Team Manager ”I started working in SCS in August, 2017 as a casual. My first promotion to 2IC was in 2018 and then I got promoted to Team Manger in 2019. My current position is Team manager“

Sara Ann Peters

Project Coordinator – Onboarding ”I started working for S.C.S at the age of 19 back in February 2010. I was only in the operational role for 6 months before I move into a junior CS role working with a total of 40+ bulk customers at the South end of 11 Timberly. From there I progressed to a customer service rep role and then at the age of 21 became S.C.S youngest customer service manager with a team of 3 staff.“


Warehouse Manager ”I stared working in SCS in October 2014 as a casual staff member. I have seen a lot of change since then and have come across lots of opportunity to grow. I have worked as Team member, 2IC, Team manager and currently working as Warehouse Manager “

Nick Weaver

Team Leader ”I work in the onboarding team with aspirations of making my way up further through the business. I began working with SCS through the beginning stages of their Cadetship Program and started work as the Team Leader for one of the dispatches.“

Kataraina Rihari

Project Support ”I have lived in Auckland for over 15 years now with my Cook Island husband and our 4 children. I have work experience across Manufacturing, Internal Sales, Operational Logistics and Customer Services. I am currently working in the SCS Business Improvement team as Project Support.“

Phillip Brougham

Operations Manager ”Starting at SCS as a casual store person, I was never sure what to expect coming to work as every day came with new challenges and a different range of work.“

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