Europe, How does it stack up as an Ecommerce market.

By March 18, 2021Uncategorized

It is no surprise that the most popular online purchases across the EU are clothes. 64% of internet purchases across the EU is clothing, including sports gear, footwear and accessories.
This rates as the number one purchase across all age groups. Funnily enough, the next biggest category was fast food deliveries, I wonder if there is a direct correlation in those stats?

The age group 25-54 represent the highest share of internet shoppers but is being quickly surpassed by the 16-24 age group.
In the top-ranking countries, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Ireland, 8 of every 10 internet users had ordered goods or services frequently within the 12 months of 2020.
Countries such as Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania have been slower to engage, however, they have been growing year on year since 2015 and are expected to continue through the Covid pandemic.

Typically, the 16-24 age group spends between €0 to €100, 25-54 averages 74% of sales falling between €350 – 500, 12% up to €1000 and 8% over €1000.
With a combined population of 448 million and representing 9 of the world’s top 20 countries with high average incomes, the EU is a strong stable growth market to expand your Ecommerce footprint.

“Stats provided by Eurostat”